What Motivates to Donate? Conclusions of the Research on Internal Factors of Motivation to Donate (LT)


Qualitative research was commissioned by the Aukok.lt donation portal, which sought to find out what donation motives encourage to provide monetary support for a charity organisation. 2 remote focused group discussions were held on April 29-30, 2020 where donors of different donation behaviours participated: those who donate often (more than 3-5 times a year) but amounts are relatively smaller (up to 50 EUR) and those who donate more rarely (up to 3 times a year) but amounts are greater than 50 EUR.

Qualitative research revealed that donors who donate more rarely – but their donation amounts are greater – tend to plan more, think through this step. They calculate the amount of donation (what amount or what percentage of the salary they can donate), analyse the project – what is the goal, specifics of the target group, the scale of the project, how much it resonates with the values, goals and attitudes of the representatives of the target group. It has also been noticed that the latter willingly donate to people and/or organisations they know personally or they are known by their acquaintances – this gives faith that the money will be used rationally and properly. Those who donate more often (but in small amounts) tend to give in to an instantaneous impulse, they are more characterized by spontaneous donations. It is especially important for these donors how much the object of donation would emotionally hook them, would stir to the depths the heart of theirs.

The results of the qualitative research allowed to identify 7 profiles of donors, each of which was described according to his/her values attitudes, the predominant motives for donation and the most frequently chosen goals of donation.

This research is one of the first attempts to identify the behaviour of the Lithuanian donor and the motivators that have the greatest impact on it. The data obtained will help NGOs to get to know their donor better, find more effective channels to reach him/her and encourage to prepare fundraising strategies more consistently.

The researchers-experts T. Kolbekina and I. Radavičienė carried out qualitative research on the internal factors of motivation for donating money to charity commissioned by the VšĮ “Geros valios projektai”.