Report on the Survey “The Impact of Motivational Factors on Charitable Donations: Lithuanian Case Study“ (LT)


The survey of the behavior of donors performed at the request of portal showed that Lithuanians tend to do good deeds quietly, to not seek to get any symbolic gift in exchange or any other remuneration for the donation. Lithuanians consider themselves as rational donors who are particularly concerned with the financial accountability and fairness of the charitable organization. Lithuanians donate for those social initiatives they personally trust. One of the strongest reasons to donate is where the beneficiary is in a difficult situation through no fault of his own.

“For the first time we asked Lithuanian donors what motivates them to donate money for charity. While some of the responses confirmed the information we have acquired over a decade, there were some surprises. Lithuanians see themselves as very rational donors who are very concerned with the objectives of the organization and its financial standing, however their donations are actually based on emotions. Lithuanians most frequently donate by selecting a product where some of the proceeds go for charity and donate cash into collection boxes. Most support is donated for sick children and the poor – this illustrates that Lithuanians primarily donate from the heart,” – Giedrė Šopaitė-Šilinskienė, director of portal said.

The representative survey was conducted between 23 August and 4 September by UAB Rinkos Tyrimų Centras. A total of 802 respondents of different age groups who donated money in the past 12 months took part in the survey. The survey methodology was developed by Indrė Radavičienė, a lecturer at Vilnius University and a consumer behavior and marketing expert. The survey assessed how donors are motivated by various factors: environment, characteristics of the beneficiaries, trust in a charity organization and its reputation, remuneration for the donation, and personal benefit.