Every Eighth Lithuanian Subscribes to Fee-based Online Services

Video content platforms, mobile apps services, exclusive content of news portals – the variety and quantity of subscribed services is constantly increasing, however, it is still rare for a Lithuanian to buy and use services via subscription. Spinter Research conducted a survey commissioned by Aukok.lt portal in November; it shows that even 77 percent of Lithuanians do not subscribe to any fee-based online services.

During the research, 1005 respondents aged 18-75 were interviewed throughout Lithuania. The survey revealed that the most popular subscription service among Lithuanians is video content platforms, which are used by 13 percent of Lithuanians. Among the subscription services, these platforms were more often mentioned by representatives of the higher income group and residents of big cities. 11 percent of the respondents choose to subscribe to mobile apps and software services and 3 percent of the respondents subscribe to fee-based content of news portals and publications.

Only 3 percent of residents of Lithuanian choose to make a periodic donation to charity organisations. According to Giedrė Šopaitė-Šilinskienė, the head of Aukok.lt, the periodic donation is not a common phenomenon so far: “Although the number of donors of the Aukok.lt portal and the average amount donated is growing, so far only one-tenth of donors donate three or more times a year. We see that it is important to offer Lithuanians convenient ways to provide support periodically and thus encourage charitable donations to be included in each month’s shopping cart”.

Consumer behaviour expert Indrė Radavičienė notes that the choice to donate periodically is related to the stage of a person’s life: „Some world science studies claim that people are more in favour of periodic donation in their mature stages of life when they have their savings, more time and motivation to help others. Periodic donation is most popular in the 61-75 age group when even 77 percent of households make a periodic donation. The monetary donations made by this type of donors are not related to their income, they are often very humble, but the accumulated wealth, the desire to give meaning to life, to help others motivate to make a periodic donation”.

In the first days of December, the portal Aukok.lt presented a new periodic donation solution.  It provides an opportunity to donate to a wider range of social projects, divided into 6 categories – children and family, disabled and health, elderly and people in poverty, emotional and crisis support, education and culture, animals and nature. By choosing a periodic donation for one of these areas, the amount donated by the donor each month will reach a different social project in the category.

“It’s a great opportunity for the modern man who wants to do good works all the time, but can’t devote much time to it. Also for those who know to whom – children, elderly, animals, etc. – they would like to provide their support, but it becomes a challenge to choose a specific organisation – the beneficiary. Now, once a periodic donation has been set, the donation reaches a different organisation working in the chosen area every month”, G. Šopaitė-Šilinskienė presents a new donation solution.

In order to become a periodic donor on the Aukok.lt portal, all you need is to have a credit or debit card, which allows online payment. If the donor decides to cancel the periodic support, the donor may do so himself/herself in the monthly notifications..