On September 23th FUNDRAISING@LT conference invited NGO representatives for the third time to watch online event with experts from Lithuania and abroad sharing their knowledge and experience in NGO relevant topics.

2021 conference theme “reSTART” was dictated by new pandemic reality, where everybody has to adapt, renew or maybe even start again. For the purpose to seek for better fundraising results!

Speakers shared their knowledge on these topics:

  • fundraising trends in post-covid world;
  • fundraising from business;
  • major gifts and major donors;
  • best advertising and brand strategic solutions;
  • project management and personal time planning practices;
  • donor experience solutions for digital fundraising.

Conference speakers:

  • Jan Kroupa, Co-founder of the Czech Fundraising Center, fundraising expert and trainer;
  • Miglė Andrulionytė, Head of Global Research at “Hostinger”;
  • Jan Uekermann, CEO, Uekermann Fundraising & Communication;
  • Dovilė Daugvilaitė-Zubcovė, Founder of “Planas gyvenimas”;
  • Mike Johnston, Founder of the global consultancy “Hewitt and Johnston Consultants”‘
  • Aneta Šlekytė – Kaminienė, Strategic Business Partnership Manager of VUVM;
  • Darius Chmieliauskas, UX expert, UX Team Lead;
  • Toma Stasiukaitytė, Strategist at “Clinic 212” agency group.


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